Today I was at a train station, as I got to the platform there was a train approaching which wasn’t stopping there.

I was at the start of the platform quite near the edge. I looked back and as I watched the train rapidly close the distance, there was a moment where I didn’t know if I was going to jump.

Then that moment passed. I stood helpless as the carriages barrelled past me. A pang of regret hit my stomach as tears silently danced down my cheeks. I turned around to walk down the platform to a spot where I could board the train home, and then I saw her.

A woman about my age had been watching me. Her face portrayed a morbid curiosity. No concern or empathy, just intrigue. She saw that I noticed her and gave a short frown accompanied by a shrug then went back to reading her paper.

This is unfortunately the world we live in, one where someone can see a man in so much turmoil and pain that he gazes wistfully into death, and callously watch as though hoping to see something entertaining.

That is not a world I want to be in.


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