Recently I’ve realised that I struggle to feel meaningful connections to people. This has always been the case, and as a result when I do feel a connection to someone I have a tendency to latch on to it. Those few connections I’ve felt have been some of the most important things in my life – frequently to a greater degree than familial connections. So when the longest standing connection that I had was tarnished by an event that still makes me want to let go of my entire identity even after a year, it put significant strain on the other connections that were interlinked.

I didn’t understand what it was until now, but nothing had really felt the same since. I could be in a room full of my closest friends and I would still feel alone. Almost as if I wasn’t really there. To those around me I probably just seem a bit quieter than usual or a bit more distant, but I have long been known for spacing out at times so perhaps they don’t see the change. While I still recognise that those connections are present, I find it hard to use them and be aware of their meaning. My trust in those I care for is gone; if he could do that then everything I thought I knew about anyone is up for question. I just don’t know how to be around people and let them in to my heart or mind anymore. It’s not just the pre-existing connections; there was a time when I would try to meet new people and forge new potential friendships, but now I don’t know how to let myself do that.

I’ve started a new job recently and my coworkers barely know anything about me as I can’t bring myself to open up to them or take an interest in getting to know them. The online communities I’ve been active and involved in for years now barely hear from me and when I am present they think of me as the quiet type – only saying anything when there is direct relevance or need for it.

To those that have offered support recently I will say this: I am not yet ready to trust again to the degree that would be required for the type of help you have offered. I hear you and I appreciate that you are concerned for me, but I need some time to heal on my own before I can learn to trust again.


2 thoughts on “Connections.

  1. I understand this far more then I’ve ever openly let on. You know I have been through my hard times for those who have known me a day or seven years know the struggles I’ve gone through but only January just gone did I actually recount a single day of those events out loud. Seven years on, on the other side of the globe was the First time i was able to say just one day of what happened and it broke me for a while. I remember the strength you showed when recounting the event with the one you held dear of which you speak. I remember watching you shake slightly as you recounted it and it was the bravery you had then that made me Finally feel confident enough to say just one day of my own out loud and to someone real.
    I understand the distrust. I wish I could tell you it gets easier, and if it does please tell me how! But I can offer some input regarding my Own undoing. Hearing yours gave me the strength to start Actually dealing with mine. It was one day, seven months after you told me what you did but that was the only reason I said it at all and I’ve noticed the weight it lifted from me. When you are ready, or when you decide you’re done waiting for that moment where you will be- you know where to find me. You’ve given me strength, please allow me to attempt to do the same one day, when you show yourself what our connection means again

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