You’ve given me a type of power I don’t want. I’ve had this power before and acted on it – one of the worst decisions of my life. You gave me the power to turn around at any point I choose and destroy everything for you. Ironic, because when you did it I felt powerless to do anything even though the only thing I wanted to do in that moment was punch until the squirming stopped. And that scared me. That’s why I just laid there letting it happen. Because I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to stop if I did anything to protect myself.

Now I’m afraid too, I’m afraid that I’ll use the power you gave me and I’ll go too far with it, leaving you with nothing. I’m actually considering doing that now even though I swore I’d never do something like that again. But now you made me want to and gave me the means with which to do it. Should I get the authorities involved or should I keep this on an interpersonal scale? That’s up to you. It depends on a few factors and answers that you give. It depends on how you react when I confront you about it. It depends on how much you deserve it. Some would be far less lenient than I have but I suppose that doesn’t matter because it’s not them you did it to. And now I have to decide. I have to make one of the most nerve wracking decisions in my life. The ball is in my court here and it’s coming down to the wire.

So, what would you do?


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